New SNU Students to Serve the City

Students coming to Southern Nazarene University for the first time as freshmen or transfer students, begin their college career by serving others.

Tuesday, August 27th from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., new freshmen and transfer students at SNU will participate in 18 different service projects throughout the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Projects will focus on serving the needs of local outreaches such as OKC Compassion, Lovelinks, Bethany Public Schools, and the Ronald McDonald/Heart to Heart ministry.

“We do the service projects so that when a student first becomes part of our campus, that student realizes that he or she is part of who we are at SNU, and that SNU is part of the community. It also begins the education process of having more world views than what they had before SNU. I am grateful for the organizations that we have been involved with,” said Dr. Dee Kelley, Vice President of Spiritual Development.

SNU’s outreach effort is part of the 16th annual New Student Institute (NSI), a five-day orientation program for new freshmen and transfer students. The program focuses on helping new students find their way around campus, make a few friends and start to feel at home before classes begin, according to program creator and coordinator Linda Gresham, wife of President Loren Gresham.

For more information, contact Carol Wight, Director of Communications and Marketing, 405.491.6602.