New Translation Studies Major

BETHANY, OK -- At the April 2007 meeting, Southern Nazarene University (SNU) faculty approved a new Spanish-English Translation Studies major. It is now part of the SNU Modern Languages offerings and consists of 60 credit hours distributed among required courses in English, Speech Communications, Spanish and Translation Studies and electives in those fields. Given the number of credit hours required for the major, no minor is required.

“This is a significant step for SNU because with this major, SNU will be the only university in Oklahoma and the only Nazarene university in the nation offering a bachelor’s degree in translation,” said Dr. Frank Johnson, Chair of the Modern Languages Department at Southern Nazarene University.

Each translation studies major will complete either an internship or a project under the supervision of a translation studies instructor. Internships will be arranged with companies and organizations that require Spanish-English translation services.

The United States has a growing need for professionally trained translators, and Spanish is one of the major languages for which there is a demand for translators.

The Translation Studies major at Southern Nazarene University will help students develop the skills they need to enter the growing translation profession.

After working overseas for 17 years with an international mission organization,
Johnson returned to the US in 1999 with the dream of helping businesses and non-profit organizations bridge language and cultural barriers. In April 2000, he founded a translation and interpreting company that has become one of Oklahoma’s leading language service providers.

Johnson is certified by the American Translators Association for Spanish into English translations and has many years of translation experience. He joined SNU in 2005 as Chair of the Modern Languages Department.

For more information, contact Dr. Frank Johnson, Chair of the Modern Languages Department of at Southern Nazarene University at 405-491-6354.