Psychology Student Accepted into FBI Internship Program

Courtney Connally, a sophomore psychology major known for her skills on the volleyball court, was recently accepted into one of the FBI's summer internship programs. The internship program offers a select number of students from across the nation opportunities to see what it is like inside of FBI operations and to explore the many career opportunities within the Bureau.

Courtney will be working out of FBI Headquarters in D.C. this summer, a position she would like to follow up as a career following graduation from SNU. While students are not guaranteed to receive a job offer for a full-time position following their internship with the Bereau, interns who do an outstanding job over the course of the summer may receive a job offer to return to the FBI once they graduate.

If you are interested in learning more about internship placements with the FBI, you can explore their website at

Additional internship opportunities within psychology can be discussed with your academic advisor.