Published Photography of Dr. Hanson

Dr. Wes Hanson, Professor of Biology at Southern Nazarene University has recently published in the new City Style and Living Magazine
several photos that he took for the Quetzal Education Research Center (QERC)

Dr. Hanson is the Director of the Quetzal Education Research Center. He is a molecular biologist by trade. His love for plants and animals is expressed in the photos he takes.
Photo: [ Photo of Dr. Wes Hanson taken by wife Jeanette ]

“I have always loved the detail and variety of the world around me. Photography has allowed me a great way to continue my collection of biological specimens along with the study of nature: small to large, safe and poisonous, and common to rare” said Hanson.

Some of the other publications of Dr. Hanson’s photos are found in the following:
An Ecotourism brochure in Panama.
A children’s magazine in Israel for an article about long feathers on birds.
An anniversary brochure for Guatemala’s Independence Day, and on a Rainforest site, --
Most of the photos include a promotion for SNU and QERC, according to Hanson.

“Spring 2008 will be our second full semester for students at QERC. The students will have independent research researching a variety of topics, including, virgin cloud forest species, cloud forest regeneration, impact of development and pollution of the Rio Savegre, pollination of the wild avocado tree (lauracea, the primary food source for the quetzal)” explains Hanson.

The Quetzal Education and Research Center seeks to promote biodiversity, conservation, and sustainability in global and local communities. QERC involves students and researchers from around the world, including the host country, to engage in dialogue and research focused on the tropical cloud forest and its floral and faunal community for the purpose of enhancing its sustainability.

For more information on the QERC, go to or e-mail Dr. Wes Hanson at