SNU "College Days" Update

The upcoming year presents great opportunity as we anticipate an increase of prospective students visiting campus.

We would like to share some exciting news with you. College Days is receiving a facelift this year and we believe that the improvements will make this event better than ever. The first thing you will notice is we have doubled the number of College Days from two, to four:

November 16-17 Exclusively for seniors

January 25-26 Exclusively for sophomores and juniors

February 8-9 Exclusively for seniors

March 7-8 Exclusively for seniors

Hopefully, you also noticed each date's intended audience. We strongly believe that these improvements will better address the specific needs of each individual student.

The sophomore and junior College Days will be designed to introduce students to SNU as they begin their college search.

The senior College Days will be more academically minded, with activities for both parents and their students. We believe that hosting the student and the parent on campus is of equal importance.

For more information on College Days visit or call the Admissions Office at 405-491-6324.