SNU College Days fast approaching

High school students from across the country will get a taste of college life during College Days at Southern Nazarene University, Thursday through Saturday, November 7-9.

Students and families are welcome to visit the campus of SNU anytime. But College Days is a planned event that takes place twice a year for high school students who want to take a look around and find out what SNU is all about. Fall College Days usually takes place the first weekend in November and provides prospective students with an opportunity to meet professors, coaches, take a campus tour, meet with academic advisors, and have some fun.

This year’s Fall College Days will include a welcome party on Thursday night with games and introduction; class visits, coaches forum, chapel service, financial aid session, senior’s meeting, campus tour, lunch with profs, and basketball game followed by a karaoke party at the Java Joint on Friday; and student life seminar, devotional, and student panel Saturday morning. Students are invited to attend the football game and all-school talent show (Pow Wow) on Saturday, but these events are not an official part of College Days.

“College Days is a great way for high school students to experience first hand what college life is all about – staying in the dorms, eating in the dining hall, interacting with students, meeting professors, and visiting classes. Coming to College Days at SNU allows students to see what makes this place so unique,” said Amy Secor, Special Events Coordinator.

For more information, contact Amy Secor, Special Events Coordinator at 491.6634, or by e-mail,