SNU Missions Brick Walkway

The SNU Office of Alumni Relations recently designated a portion of the Centennial Plaza as the “Missions Brick Walkway.” The walkway leads south from the Centennial Fountain to the Prayer Chapel.

“Throughout its history, SNU has placed an emphasis on preparing people to take the gospel around the world. It is only fitting that we designate a specific place in the Centennial Plaza to honor and remember those who have dedicated their lives to missions,” said Brenda Styers, Director of Alumni Relations. “We are pleased to work with Dr. Culbertson to establish this missions area of the Plaza.”

“The walkway will serve two major purposes,” said Howard Culbertson, SNU Professor of Missions. “The first is to honor those SNU alumni who have taken the gospel to the ‘uttermost parts.’ Secondly, the bricks will stimulate those SNU students who will daily walk across them to be open to God’s call to take the Gospel to every person.”

Already on a special “Wall of Missions” display in the University’s administration building, Bresee Hall, are the names of more than 400 SNU alumni who have served as missionaries. The names, along with some photos, are also listed on the SNU web site,

“My dream is to honor all 400 of these missionaries with a brick,” says Culbertson. “Each brick that goes into that walkway will be a witness to the global impact of SNU as well as a vivid testimony to the school’s world vision.”

Harmon Schmelzenbach’s brick will be the first of many to be placed in the special Missions Walkway. Schmelzenbach was a student in the very early days of what is now Southern Nazarene University. He went on to become a pioneer missionary in southern Africa. The bricks, which cost $35 each, are being placed by friends, family and home churches of SNU alumni who have served as foreign missionaries.

For more information, contact Howard Culbertson at 405.491.6693 or