SNU Professors Bryant and Daniels Receive Faculty Awards

Dr. Kenneth Bryant and Dr. Scott Daniels received the 2001-2002 Faculty Awards in the Southern Nazarene University chapel service on Tuesday, April 30.

Dr. Bryant, Chair of the Modern Languages Department and Professor of Spanish, received the Excellence in Faculty Performance Award and was recognized especially for his service to the institution in creating and developing the academic advising software “Univisor.”

“I am grateful for the award. I was totally taken by surprise,” Bryant said. “I enjoy investing my life in an enterprise where the product is people. I enjoy finding out about students I have had in my classes. I feel indirectly that I had a part in whatever they are doing with their lives.”

Bryant has been teaching at SNU for eight years and has learned, “Again and again students express their ambitions in terms of what they can do with their life that will benefit others,” he said. “I think the university’s motto [Character, Culture, Christ] is more than words—so many of our graduates are fleshing it out in their career choices.”

Bryant said he feels a sense of stewardship in his career. “Every pursuit must harmonize with the overall plan that God has for those around me. A teaching career in a place like SNU is special because of the sacrifices that were made by so many before us to make this environment possible,” Bryant said.

Dr. Scott Daniels, Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics, was selected by SNU students for the Excellence in Teaching Award. “I love teaching. I have often joked that the best part of teaching theology is that I get to rant and rave each day about the things I believe to be true, and then I get to test them on it! What a deal,” Daniels said.
Daniels has been teaching at SNU for six years. “I enjoy the rich relationships with students that I have been lucky enough to develop,” Daniels said. “We have several wonderfully intelligent, articulate and gifted students. I also really enjoy the cross-disciplinary relationships and interaction between faculty members. There is a real sense of unity among the faculty.”

Daniels heritage has played a large role in his life. “I try really hard to be ‘real’ in the classroom…I want there to be a rich honesty and consistency about my life,” Daniels said. “My father and grandfather are/were ministers and they were no different when they spoke from the pulpit than they were sitting around the table at home. I want to have that kind of integrity and transparency in my life as a teacher.”

Each year the recipients of these awards receive a check for $500 as a small expression of appreciation for their dedication and service to the mission of Southern Nazarene University. For more information about the faculty awards, contact the Office of Academic Affairs at 405.491.6304, or email