SNU Psychology Students Presenting Research at Southwestern Psychological Association

SNU students Mindy Brooks and Stephanie Lindquist have been invited to present their Senior Thesis research in a paper at the Southwestern Psychological Association Conference in San Antonio, Texas, April 8-10, 2004.

Mindy and Stephanie researched the effects of the Jigsaw Classroom process upon hope and self-esteem of students who are juniors in high school. The Jigsaw classroom was developed by Elliott Aronson (1978) to encourage acceptance and cooperation among students in the educational process. A pretest and posttest were conducted to determine the effects of this method of instruction upon the individual student's sense of hope and self-esteem. As Aronson, a social psychologist, stated in his book, Nobody Left to Hate (2000), "Just as in a jigsaw puzzle, each piece - each student's part - is essential for the production and full understanding of the final product. If each student's part is essential, then each student is essential" (p. 135). Mindy and Stephanie are seniors who plan to pursue graduate degrees in psychology.