SNU School For Children Host Korean Students

On Monday, October 1st, The School For Children at Southern Nazarene University (SNU) welcomed 23 - fourth grade students from Seoul, South Korea, Kyungbok Elementary School.

Eight of the 14 School for Children teachers are hosting the 4th grade children along with several other parents from SNU. The host families adopted these children for the month of October. The families have welcomed the students in their home to care for them as they introduce them to the American family and make them feel at home while they’re here.

“One thing that I find amazing is that the children are so brave to travel the distance to America. The parents of these children are so trusting having never previously spoken to the host family of their child,” said Renee Privott, Payroll Assistant at Southern Nazarene University, and host parent. “I write the parents of the two girls that our family hosts every night by way of e-mail. The parents are very gracious and find it comforting to read the specific details of their child’s day.”

The Educational and Cultural Interactions, Inc. (ECI) program contacted the SNU School For Children to find out if the school would be interested in hosting the 4th grade students. Their Mission at ECI exists to prepare students for, and introduce them to, American higher education.

“The two girls that we host have fun playing basketball, jacks and other games every night with my parents and my sister, Maddie,” said Sarah Privott, SNU Freshman and host family member. “They just love my dad.”

The City of Seoul is the fifth largest city in the world. The metropolis has a population of about 10.3 million and is the center for economy, finance, the arts and culture. The Language spoken in Seoul is Korean.

For additional information about the School for Children contact, DeAnna Hill, Administrative Assistant at SNU School For Children, or e-mail