SNU Student Government Association Officers Announced for 2006-2007

by Eunice Trent
April 11, 2006
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Kendra Thompson, Director of Community Life at Southern Nazarene University announced the newly elected and selected members of the 2006-2007 SNU Student Government Association on Monday, April 10, 2006.

The SNU Student Government Association (SGA) is a constitutional organization representing the entire student body of Southern Nazarene University. It was created for the purpose of serving students and developing student activities and programs.

The activities of the SGA are managed by student executive officers, by class councils and by the interclub organization. The SGA leadership is elected annually by their peers.
Students participate in the community of SNU through the SGA, student-faculty committees, departmental clubs, judicial councils, and personal interaction with faculty and administrators.

It is the aim of the university administration to encourage principles of self-government within the institution. The Director of Community Life, Kendra Thomson, serves as primary advisor to the Student Government Association.

Congratulations to the 2006-2007 SGA Officers as listed below.

Arrow Editor (Yearbook) - Tina Woolbright
Echo Editor (Newspaper) - Katie O'Cain

Sophomore Class Officers:
President - Graham Morsch
Secretary/Treasurer - Stephanie Webster
VP of Campus Ministries - Taylor Lareau
VP of Community Relations - Sarah Beth Hance
VP of Social Life - Amy Armstrong
VP of Student Services - Stephen Vandervort
Class Sponsors - Sallye & Jeff Siems

Junior Class Officers:
President - Aaron Webster
Secretary/Treasurer - Laura Poff
VP of Campus Ministries - Marilyn Grimaud
VP of Community Relations - Larissa Wilson
VP of Social Life - Ty McCarthy
VP of Student Services - Andrea Green
Class Sponsors - Julie & Jamie Stiegelmeyer

Senior Class Officers:
President - Brooke Gitt
Secretary/Treasurer - Cara Dikes
VP of Campus Ministries - Eric Hawkinson
VP of Community Relations - Emily Gatlin
VP of Social Life - Jason Broyles
VP of Student Services - Cheryl Flowers
Class Sponsors - Misty & Chad Jaggers

Executive Officers:
President - Chad Pendleton
Office Administrator - Britni Boyd
VP of Campus Ministries - Jessy Burton
VP of Community Relations - Tillanie Dyer
VP of Social Life - Allie Wetmore
VP of Student Services - Anthony DiFabio
Director of Publicity - Spencer Green

For further information on the Student Government Association, contact Kendra Thomson, Director of Community Life at Southern Nazarene University by calling
405-491-6336 or by e-mail at