SNU Student Job Fair

Opportunity presents itself at the upcoming Student Employment Job Fair for all Southern Nazarene University (SNU) students who need to find a job and work while attending SNU. The Job Fair is set for Wednesday, August 29, from 1:00 to 4:30 pm located in the Heritage room at the Webster Commons building.

Area business representatives will be present at the Job Fair as our guests on campus interviewing SNU students for positions with their company. SNU department representatives will be present as well, for various on campus part time positions.

“Students should come to the job fair because employers will be ready to hire on the spot,” said Miriam Key, Director of Career Services and Student Employment at SNU.

The SNU Career Services & Student Employment Office is on campus to assist specifically traditional students with employment needs and career choices. All currently registered traditional students of Southern Nazarene University are eligible to use the services of the Career Services & Student Employment Office.

“We are here to support our students work needs. SNU staff will work with a students schedule as well as many of the outside employers,” said Key.

The Career Services & Student Employment Office is located in the middle of the SNU campus in the Webster Commons Building, lower floor, within the suite of offices in the Student Development department.

For more information on the Student Employment Job Fair, contact Miriam Key, Director, Career Services & Student Employment Office. Email, or call the office at 405-491-6684.

Visit the Career Services & Student Employment Office website at