SNU Student Summer Missions

On Tuesday, May 29, 2007 – A total of 31 of our SNU students gathered at campgrounds south of Kansas City for a week of training prior to going to their “Youth in Mission” assignments around the world.

“Youth in Mission” is a ministry of Nazarene World Missions, which places teams of college young people at ministry sites around the world for eight weeks each summer.

Students apply in the fall and selections to teams are announced by the end of the year. Training begins in the spring semester.

The 2007 SNU “Youth in Mission” Participants are as follows:

Sarah Bean - Philippines
Tracy Beeson -England/Bramley
Laura Bucher - Creative Access Alpha: A
Tiffany Chevalier - India/Washim
Zachary Cook - Creative Access Alpha: B
Jake Epp - Guatemala
Andrea Green - Aruba
Christy Greenly - Zambia
Marilyn Grimaud - Benin/Togo
Sarahbeth Hance - Slovenia
Brittany Henck - Benin/Togo
Ashlie Hight - England/Bramley
Eric Hopkins - Ireland
Jannislynn Isackson - India/Washim
Jennifer Kemp - St. Kitts
Andrea Kesterson - Creative Access Alpha: B
Josiah Kyonka - Creative Access Alpha: A
Kimberly Morris - NYC: St. Louis
Adam Myers - Australia/Sydney
Nathan Persell - Philippines
Rachel Regouby - Aruba
Liliana Reza - Aruba
Estela Reza - Guatemala
Julie Rice - India/Washim
Josh Roebuck - Australia/Sydney
Sara Sautter - Ireland
Selena Smith - Philippines
Matthew Starnes - Zambia
Cherith Tucker - Creative Access Alpha: B
Matthew Walter - Italy
Matthew West – Congo

The training camp staff also includes some current and former SNU students including Laura Poff, Mark Elmore, Curt Luthye, Jill Fothergill, Norm Henry and Howard Culbertson as well as SNU Staff counselor Kimberly Campbell.

“Youth in Missions” is a volunteer, short-term mission experience for which participants must raise all the funds to pay for their own expenses. Your prayers for the students as well as funding which some of the students are still lacking, are greatly appreciated.

“They're headed out in faith that God will somehow provide…” said Dr. Culbertson.

For further information on “Youth in Mission” ministries, contact Dr. Howard Culbertson, SNU professor of Missions at