SNU Students and Alumni Active in Political Science Association

SNU students and alumni heard a discussion of the many profound issues facing Oklahoma in the next 100 years at the Oklahoma Political Science Association annual meeting, November 8 and 9. Students attended the keynote address given by former Oklahoma House Minority Leader Larry Ferguson. Alumni participated in the dinner and other aspects of the conference.
Pictured at the Oklahoma History Center with the Capitol dome in the background are SNU students Keenan Garrett, Christina Gregory, Breanna Little and Daniel Swanson with Ambassador Ken Tillett, Dr. Thom Little and Rep. Larry Ferguson. The students are enrolled in SNU’s Legislative Process course taught by Dr. Rick Farmer.

Ambassador Tillett is a 1963 graduate of SNU. Following graduation from Georgetown, Tillet returned to his native Belize to lead a Nazarene high school. After a career in politics he was named Ambassador to the United Nations. Tillett is currently a political science professor at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Little is director of curriculum for the State Legislative Leaders Foundation. The foundation provides training programs for Speakers of the House, Senate Presidents and Pro Temps, and floor leaders of legislatures around the country. Little is the author of several chapters read by the Legislative Process students this semester.

Rep. Ferguson served as the Republican leader in the Oklahoma House for 5 years. He was elected to the House in a special election in 1985 and served until he was term limited in 2004. Many current members of the legislature consider him a mentor.

SNU adjunct professor of political science, Dr. Rick Farmer, was the program chairman for this year’s state meeting and was named president of the Oklahoma Political Science Association. Farmer is the director of committee staff at the Oklahoma House of Representatives.