SNU campus receives summer facelifts

Southern Nazarene University is receiving a number of facelifts this summer as the SNU maintenance crew works to prepare the campus for the return of students in the fall.

Among those buildings receiving significant improvements are the library, Chapman Apartments, and the Webster Commons:

The library will now enjoy new carpet on all three floors, new paint throughout the building, handicap accessible restrooms on the 2nd floor, and a new coffee lounge and expanded classroom on the 3rd floor in the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE).

“We are very grateful to have received new carpet,” said Jan Reinbold, SNU Learning Resource Center (LRC) Director.

Additional library improvements include a new circulation desk, the replacement of several cabinets and pieces of equipment, new wooden end panels on the shelves in the reference section, and new computers in the computer lab on the 3rd floor.

Many tireless hours have gone into these projects, with help stemming from a variety of sources, including the SNU library staff, student workers, maintenance, and a handful of volunteers. “We would like to extend a special thanks to the UCO library staff for the loan of their stack movers and to Dr. Paul Reinbold for his woodworking skills in the reference area,” said Reinbold.

Chapman Apartments, which house junior, senior, and married students, will receive new stairwell doors on the entire complex along with reconstruction of the east landings. In addition, an outdoor basketball court will be built on the east side of Chapman in the cul-de-sac behind the freshman men’s dormitory, Snowbarger Hall, with repair to the pavement between Chapman and Snowbarger.

The Game Room on the lower level of the Webster Commons is undergoing a complete renovation.

For further information about SNU campus improvements, contact the SNU Financial Affairs office at 405.491.6306.