SNU campus saddened by recent investigation

During a week of planned prayer vigils for the ongoing spiritual growth of the SNU community, a current, off-campus SNU student has become the focus of an investigation, heightening the timeliness and importance of praying for one another.

“The office of Spiritual Development is deeply grieving for all involved in this case. The SNU community is in prayer for the families and is asking God for the truth to be revealed and for his grace, peace, and reconciliation to be evidenced. We continue to pray and work for the ongoing safety, comfort and spiritual growth of our present students,” said Brad Strawn, Dean of the Chapel and Vice President for Spiritual Development.

As the investigation of a missing Bethany woman began to focus on current SNU student, Eric Phan (pronounced "Fawn"), on Wednesday, November 28, campus security was put on heightened alert, according to Donna Nance, Vice President for Financial Affairs. SNU has increased patrols of campus and has assisted the Bethany Police in their investigation. Faculty, staff and students were made aware of the recent events via e-mail.

“We highly value the working relationship between SNU and the Bethany Police Department. The police were very responsive and kept university administration and campus security informed of the status of the investigation. They also provided assistance as we communicated important information to our campus community, and increased their presence on campus when requested,” said Mike Brooks, Vice President for Student Development.

“We are communicating to students that professional counseling services are available for them on campus,” stated Brooks. “The coinciding of a previously scheduled call to prayer for the SNU community over these next two weeks will be a vital resource for us through this journey. We want to especially pray for the individuals and families who are suffering during this time.”

Eric Phan, a junior from Oklahoma City who attended Putnam City High School, resides off-campus with his family. Phan has a double major in Management and Bio-Chemistry.

Phan, who is a suspect in the disappearance of missing Bethany woman, Lauren Barnes, turned himself in Wednesday evening, November 28, after a first-degree murder warrant was issued for his arrest, according to local authorities.

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