SNU faculty participate in ropes course at Challenge Quest, LLC

by Eunice Trent
March 15, 2006
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Southern Nazarene University – Tulsa faculty spent time together at an overnight ropes course at Challenge Quest, LLC in Pryor, Oklahoma during a faculty retreat March 10, and 11, 2006.

Dr. Greg Robinson, President of Challenge Quest, LLC planned the ropes course for the retreat. He designs and constructs a course that meets the needs of an organization. The faculty was teamed up into two groups. One team participated in an activity similar to a tightrope walk while the other team worked more with beams.

Dr. Tom Herskowitz, Chair of the School of Business – SNU main campus, and Professor Charles Young both braved the telephone pole climb, which was 150 feet up. Once they made the climb up the pole, they took the leap down. Dr. Linda A Miner, PhD, Professor, Academic Program Director (Tulsa) reported that Professor Dawn Boardman and Dr. Mary Millikin walked on wires 150 feet above ground while balancing off one another.

“We had a wonderful time at the ropes course retreat. It was held at the beautiful Post Oak Lodge, northwest of Tulsa. Friday night was full of fun and games. Prof. Bill Crawford brought his lizard egg and that was lots of fun”; said Miner.

The rest of the faculty participated in various activities, which involved planks and pulley rides down large hills and platform jumps. There were games played, problems solved and lots of active team spirit. They laughed amongst themselves and grew in their friendships.

Faculty in attendance included the following: Professor Charles Young, Professor Dawn Boardman, Professor Bill Crawford, Dr. Pauline Harris, Professor Steven Oliver, Professor Virilyaih Davis, Professor Tim Paul, Dr. Mary Millikin, Professor David Gonzales, Professor Elsa Lewis, Professor Ron Petty, Professor Ronni Ashford, Dr. Flo Potts, Dr. Tom Herskowitz, Dr. Anne Ghost Bear, and Dr. Linda Miner.

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