SNU hosts Northwest Chamber Community Coffee

by Eunice Trent
May 30, 2006
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On Tuesday, May 23, 2006, Southern Nazarene University (SNU) hosted a Northwest Chamber Community Coffee at the Marchant Alumni Center on the campus of SNU.

“The Northwest Chamber is a business association of approximately 400 businesses in Warr Acres, Bethany and Northwest Oklahoma City. The Chamber’s mission is to promote and grow profitable business. SNU’s relationship to the Chamber goes back to its very beginnings in 1939, as two professors Fred Floyd and A.K. Bracken from our university were charter members of what was initially called the Bethany Business Club” said John Martin, Executive Director of Development at Southern Nazarene University, who is also the Immediate Past Chair of the Northwest Chamber.

The Chamber acts as a watchdog on legislation and issues that could affect businesses. It encourages elected officials to support those issues that provide a positive impact and oppose those that are detrimental to growth and profitability.

The Chamber members are offered many opportunities to increase their company’s visibility and sales potential. Membership luncheons and Community Coffees and ribbon cuttings provide relaxed occasions and atmospheres to make new business contacts.

For further information on The Northwest Chamber which is located at 7440 NW 39th Expressway, in Bethany, Oklahoma, visit or call 405.789.1256. You may also e-mail them at