SNU hosts Y.E.S. Conference

by Eunice Trent
July 11, 2006
Contact: Eunice Trent
Phone: 405.491.6600
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Southern Nazarene University will host the Nazarene Youth International Y.E.S. (Youth Equipped to Serve) Conference on July 24 – 28, 2006 on the campus of SNU in Bethany, Oklahoma at 6729 N.W. 39th Expressway.

The Y.E.S. Conference purpose is to help young men and women recognize and take hold of their call into ministry at an early age. It is not a training session for the ministry, rather a time of clarification to the call of ministry. During the conference the youth will have the chance to speak with full time vocational pastors in all areas of ministry. They will have the chance to ask them whatever questions they have to gain better understanding of what a call into ministry really is as well as an opportunity for some hands on ministry experience.

The speaker for the conference is Bo Cassell. Cassell is the Acquisitions Editor for Barefoot Ministries. He works to provide online and print resources for youth ministries. He has had over 17 years of experience working with youth and young adults by directing mission programs, developing youth conferences and serving as a youth pastor. Bo’s first book, Global Christianity: The Life We’re Called To Live was commissioned as the preparation reading for a Toronto youth conference for over 9,500 teenagers.

Worship Times during the conference will include music with The “Leaving 99” music group from SNU.

For further information on the Y.E.S. Conference, visit
or call the SNU Admissions Office at 405.491.6324.