SNU offers free tuition to Hurricane Katrina student victims

BETHANY, OK – Southern Nazarene University President Loren Gresham announced Friday that the university will offer one semester of free tuition to any student enrolled at a college or university affected by the recent destruction of Hurricane Katrina.

“This is the right thing to do, because of who we are,” Gresham said. “The SNU community has always been about reaching out. By including these students in our embrace, we can help them continue their educational journey that has literally been swept off course by this natural disaster.”

The one semester of free tuition applies to undergraduate programs and is valued at $6700. Students can enroll through September 9, 2005.

Patrick Allen, provost for Southern Nazarene University, explained that this offer is extended to all students who are already accepted by or enrolled in a regionally accredited college, university or community college in Louisiana.

“In an effort to further support students in this process, they will be conditionally admitted without completing the full documentation requirements, which can be completed after enrollment,” Allen said.

For more information contact the Office of Admissions at: 800.648.9899, 405.491.6324, or by email at