SNU-Tulsa School of Graduate & Adult Studies – Best of TCC

by Eunice Trent
May 23, 2006
Contact: Eunice Trent
Phone: 405.491.6600

Jeri Mann, Assistant Director of Recruiting & Marketing at Southern Nazarene University-Tulsa, School of Graduate and Adult Studies, reports on the Best of TCC event that took place on May 18, 2006 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Southern Nazarene University-Tulsa served, as the 2006-year’s Best of TCC (Tulsa Community College) Presenting Sponsor. “Tulsa Community College is the premier college in Northeastern Oklahoma and we are proud that over 80% of SNU- Tulsa’s adult learners come to us from TCC. The relationship between TCC and SNU is a strong celebration of academic excellence that has continued for many years,” said Dr. Loren Gresham, President of Southern Nazarene University.

There were three SNU/TCC students who were honored at the sixth annual Best of TCC.
Sandy Boman, SNU/TCC student transfer scholarship: Sandy is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership with a desire to ultimately complete a master’s degree. Amy Howard, SNU/TCC faculty/staff transfer scholarship: Amy is completing her degree at Southern Nazarene University in Family Studies and Gerontology.

SNU-Tulsa graduate of SNU’s OL Program honoree: Harold Gene McCoy, Assistant Fire Chief, City of Tulsa. Harold has served as an assessor for other departments helping to select future fire officers. Jeri Mann states that Harold is helping SNU-Tulsa in bringing fire fighters to SNU for their degree completion.

Best of TCC emphasizes the ties between quality instruction, motivated students, and opportunities and success in local business and industry. For further information contact SNU-Tulsa - Jeri Mann, Assistant Director of Recruiting & Marketing by e-mail at or call (918) 664-1949 ext. 227.

Pictured above are: Dr. Loren Gresham, President of SNU, Dr. Anne Ghost Bear, SNU-Tulsa, Tulsa Center Director, and Dr. Davis Berryman, SNU Dean of Graduate and Adult Studies.