SNU's Science and Religion Departments receive learning Society Grant

BETHANY, OK – Southern Nazarene University (SNU) is pleased to announce a Metanexus Institute grant award to its science and religion departments to foster dialogue on the interaction of science and religion. The Oklahoma Society for Science and Faith, newly formed by faculty members from these two areas, will administer the grant. Activities will include invited speakers, book studies and a resource room in the university library. With matching funds from SNU, the award totals $30,000 over the next three years.

Although the Society’s focus centers on the ways in which a Christian world view informs these scholarly pursuits, it recognizes that issues at the interface of science and religion extend across all faith traditions and, therefore, the Society is open to discourse with persons from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Participation in the Society is extended to all faculty, students, and interested members of the community.

For more information, contact Professors Mark Winslow, SNU’s Physics Department at 405.491.6607, or Brint Montgomery, Assistant Professor, SNU’s School of Theology & Ministry at 405.491.6697,