School for Children Hosts 36th Annual Open House

The School for Children hosted its 36th annual Family Open House on Sunday, March 2nd.

The School for Children welcomed current students, guests, and visitors. More than 6,000 invitations were mailed and the school prepared for an awesome Open House event. Many SNU faculty and staff attended, along with hundreds of current students, their families and guests, and new visitors.

The students from each division, 3 years through the 5th grades spent six weeks studying the ocean. The children created numerous projects that displayed their learning. The school became an “ocean” from bottom to top as the children showed their amazing creativity and mastery of learning at the Open House. President Loren Gresham remarked, “Each year my trip through the SFC Open House is like an adventure. The creativity of the teachers in guiding the wonderful minds of the children never ceases to amaze. If I had a child of primary or elementary age, she would be attending the SNU School for Children."

The School for Children is a private Christian school educating students 3 years through 5th grade.