Serving Others during NSI

BETHANY, OK – Southern Nazarene University – Approximately 400 new SNU freshmen, transfer students and sponsors will spread out across our Oklahoma City Community on Tuesday, August 23, to lend their helping hands to those in need.

There are 17 different service projects that these new freshman and transfer students will participate in throughout the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Projects will focus on serving the needs of others in local outreaches.

“There are some wonderful organizations in the Oklahoma City area that provide relief and resources for residents who are in need. Some of these organizations are Goodwill; Feed the Children, The Children’s Center, Salvation Army, the Public Parks, LoveLinks, OKC Compassion, Ronald McDonald House, Reaching Our City and Urban Impact. These places provide such goods or services as clothing, medical care, food, transitional housing, recreation, employment counseling, recovery programs and training. They make our city a better place through their work and compassionate efforts. The students at Southern Nazarene University (SNU) have the opportunity to work with these organizations from the first week of their academic journey in college. These and other places open up their doors for the students of SNU to participate in a service project that involves all incoming freshmen and transfers. The students spend an afternoon in cleaning, sorting, painting, building and landscaping. The hope is that the students will begin to appreciate the work of these organizations through this exposure, and develop the habit of volunteering so that they might also participate in making this city a better place through their work and compassionate efforts,” stated Dr. Dee Kelley, Vice President of Spiritual Life.

This is SNU’s 19th annual service project day that has been a part of the New Student Institute (NSI), a five-day orientation program for new freshmen and transfer students. This program is designed to assist new students with the transition into the university setting and help to make them feel at home on the SNU campus before classes begin.

August 22, 2005
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