Spring Art Exhibition

SNU Art Students showcase design projects

Artwork from SNU students in Prof. Andrew Baker’s Drawing II and Design I courses is on display this week in the corridors of the Forest Glade Retirement Community, 2500 N. Glade Avenue, Bethany. The exhibit will be displayed from April 24 to Sunday May 1, and is free and open to the public.

The “Transformations” exhibit consisting of geometric shapes experiments with 3-dimensional forms on a 2-dimensional surface. Students transformed one focal point in the composition to make it unique against a background of composite shapes.

More than 30 SNU students’ work is displayed, using the media of graphite and acrylic on canvas.

This year the SNU Department of Art, under the leadership of Prof. Andrew Baker, has refurbished departmental facilities, including studio space with easels and drafting tables, plus graphic design computer facilities with new computers and high-definition printers. A new graphic design major is now available to students.

Classes in painting, drawing and illustration, graphic arts have been offered this year. Next year additional ceramics-sculpture courses will be added in a new facility adjacent to the studio.

A grant of $25,000 from the Kirkpatrick Foundation, Inc. helped to provide essential equipment for establishing the program during this first year.

Prof. Baker studied at Rochester Institute of Technology, where he received his MFA.

The “Transformation” exhibit was a pioneer art showing for The Forest Glade community, a local retirement community with approximately 100 residents.