Students Committed to 'Reaching Our City' This Summer

Seven Southern Nazarene University students will dedicate this summer to working at ‘Reaching Our City.’ Starting on May 28 the students will be involved in family outreach community night, children’s summer day camp, youth community church, and outreach community events until August 4.

“I will be working with the teens, teaching their Sunday School, leading a small group, helping run game night every Tuesday and Thursday…most importantly, I will be telling teens about Jesus,” Autumn Hamiter said.

Located in the Greenvale Family Center, ‘Reaching Our City’ provides a free medical clinic, food pantry and thrift store, and expects to be opening a day care, dental clinic, and counseling clinic in the near future.

Hamiter has worked at ‘Reaching Our City’ since September 2001 as a tutor in the after school program. “I’ve fallen in love with the place and the people…The teens that I will be working with this summer are my main inspiration. They live in places where so much evil is so easily accessible and still they choose Christ,” Hamiter said.

Students interning at ‘Reaching Our City’ are Shelby Syfert, Autumn Hamiter, Nicholas Crawford, Bert Cutsinger, Kristina Usery, Tiffany Weatherman and Dustin Beauchamp.

For more information about ‘Reaching Our City,’ contact the Greenvale Family Center at 405.440.9994. For more information about SNU students interning at ROC, call 405.491.6600.