Summer Research Programs at OU Health Sciences Center accept five SNU students

The OU Health Science Center accepted applications from five students of Southern Nazarene University (SNU) to participate in their Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURE). Each of the students work in labs with full time researchers that are employed at the OU Health Science Center.

SURE is sponsored by the OU Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences. Participants will automatically be enrolled in three semester hours of undergraduate credit in Advanced Studies in Biomedical Research – BMSC 4113. (Photo is as shown on the OU SURE brochure)

The SNU students participating in the OU summer program are as follows and listed in alphabetical order:
Aaron Buchanan, SNU Jr. - Biochemistry major, SURE summer program.
Philip Cox, SNU Jr. – Biochemistry major, SURE summer program.
Michael Green, SNU Jr. – Biochemistry major, SURE summer program.
Jennifer Kemp, SNU Sr. – Biology major, Native American Research Center for Health summer program.
Chris Schafer, SNU Sr. – Double major in Biochemistry and Philosophy, SURE summer program.

The summer program lasts nine weeks. Each SURE program student participant receives a stipend of $3,000.00 that is paid in three installments throughout the summer. The majority of the students are housed at Oklahoma Christian University.

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