TV Studio Goes Toast:

Live Broadcasts Coming to SNU

One of the newest video solutions has found its way into the SNU Television Studio. The Video Toaster 3.0 is a computer that serves a number of tasks including; live video switcher, graphics composer, and post-production all-in-one system. MCJL 4323 Broadcast News is the first course to benefit from this powerful tool. Using the Toaster, students are live-recording the weekly anchor, switching to PAKs (news stories) during the broadcasts, and adding graphics while recording. The entire production is completed on one computer.

Although the Broadcast News course is now concluded, the toaster will see plenty of action in the Spring semester. Students enrolled in Video Production will learn the basics of the new system and will learn how to deploy the toaster in live venues. The toaster and its competitors are the next wave of low-cost media systems to change the media landscape. It features enormous capabilities for worship and ministry applications, as well as the MCJL program's next bold move.

Broadcasting Practicum is a one-credit course offered through the MCJL program. Students enrolled in Practicum tape live campus events such as music concerts presented in Cantrell Hall on SNU's campus. Practicum students serve as directors and crew for these performances. Their work, as well as many of the Music Department's performances, are seen on Channel 22. Cantrell Hall has been the only location capable of housing a live-video recording system. . .until now.

This Spring, Practicum will record and live broadcast Crimson Storm basketball from the Sawyer Center. Six contests have been currently scheduled for recording and broadcast on Channel 22.

Women Men
1/22 vs. Wayland Baptist 6pm 8pm
1/24 vs. Lubbock Christian 1pm 3pm
1/29 vs. John Brown 6pm 8pm