University Singers minister in the Bahamas

Song is something miraculous. Well done, a choir can literally usher us into the very throne room of God! With heartfelt abandonment, we can close our eyes and see the angelic choir, thousands upon thousands strong, singing gloriously in the golden and vaulted room. These are special occasions when a worship team or choir truly acts as a conduit of grace to and from the throne of the Almighty to the hearts of the believer.

This May, the Bahamas District was blessed to host a group of University students from Southern Nazarene University who came to serve as a conduit of worship. They came singing songs of praise glorifying the Creator. They came with a heart of worship. But perhaps the greatest gift, this group came bringing was seen in their interaction with children and youth of a local orphanage. They spoke with the abandoned, let them touch their hair and their faces, shared the love of Christ by participating in these children’s otherwise suffered lives.

The group sang their concert songs and even led the children of the orphanage in some familiar songs to them. And then I saw something glorious. In the greatest act of grace that I have witnessed in a long, long time, the conductor and director of the group asked three orphans to come and take his place. He gave them control of directing a University choir. He showed them how to move their arms, how to soften the singing by a wave of a hand, and how to urge more volume and more passion from the singers. In a simple act, he brought hope to the hopeless, the idea that life won’t always be as it is today. The group saw in them worth, the divine spark. The director showed them that despite the current situation, there can be joy and laughter, there can be hope. The Good News came shouting that it is God’s love that gives you worth, and God’s love is immeasurable.

Just like Jesus, who seemingly sought out those the world called worthless, this director, this group, found the unloved and loved them. They brought the Good News of a redeeming Savior who ministers through the obedient, those with a salvation song in their hearts. Turn your eyes to the throne, focus on the King, and sing the hopeful song with your very life.