Volunteers sought for Asian project

SNU students wanting to get involved with an overseas mission will have an opportunity to travel to Asia next summer now that the SARS threat has somewhat died down.

The Church of the Nazarene's Chris Mayfield (not his real name) will be recruiting 18- to 25-year-olds from all of the Nazarene colleges and universities to participate in the overseas mission for the six-to-eight week early June to mid-July trip. The plan is to get two groups of students to go, one with approximately 16 students and another with 24.

"We have two sites in mind where we want to settle in," Mayfield said. "One site for each group. The group I'm heading will be located in an area the size of Colorado and Kansas put together. This area is mostly mountainous where about 70 million of the populants are farmers who earn $60 per person per year."

According to Mayfield, the group's area has 32 un-reached people groups, or 32 ethno-linguistic groups, who do not have a native language speaker who is a Christian.

"That means most of these people haven't heard of Jesus," he said.

The goals of this mission trip are to experience the different cultures and to meet new people, but also to participate in the classes and provide comfort to the students and to themselves through God.

"One year, we had the students teach English classes," Mayfield laughs. "That was sort of a misadventure." He says that the plan that has worked well in the past has been to' have the students become involved with the cultures. "We want the students to make friends so they can have connections for the future:'

The cost is estimated to be around $3,500, which will include airfare, insurance, housing and meals. There will be a week of orientation in the U.S. scheduled before the trip. Other requirements for the trip are that the student has had previous international experience, a high degree of relational maturity and a heart for the Lord.

"Students benefit greatly through this experience," Dr. Howard Culbertson, director of missions, said. "Expressing and articulating our faith is a wonderful way to teach others about God."

To find out more information about missions trips, contact Dr. Culbertson by emailing him at hculbert@snu.edu or by visiting his homepage at http://home.snu.edu/-hculbert.fs. The official site for YIM, another summer mission opportunity, is http://youthinmission.org

You may also get in touch with Chris Mayfield by contacting me at mkahl@mail.snu.edu.

NOTE: Due to political issues, the amount of information in this article has been controlled. The missionary's name has been changed for his protection.