Writing for Digital Media

English and Speech Communication departments plunged into cyberspace this past semester

A new course titled “Writing for Digital Media,” (ENGL/MCJL 4203) explored emerging computer-based technologies from critical literary and media perspectives. Taught by assistant professor Les Dart, the main focus of the course studied the transition of invention and composition to digitally communicated formats. Some of the key questions pursued by the course were: Does composition and logic change in new mass media venues? How do these changes affect the notion of humanness? How does technology and literacy influence a society?

Joined with theoretical readings such as David Bolter’s Writing Space, students experimented with their own internet presence. Students were introduced to HTML coding, and later learned to use Microsoft FrontPage® to execute their own web-based projects. Each of the projects explores a student’s particular interest from the class readings and discussion.

Visitors are invited to explore these student sites by logging on to www.snu.edu/MCJL and selecting Writing for Digital Media on the lefthand menu.