Youth in Mission deadline looms

YIM Applications for the summer of 2005 due soon

Applications for being on a summer 2005 Youth in Mission team are due soon. The online application process for Southern Nazarene University students is set to close on November 17.

Participants for Youth in Mission are being recruited on all of the Nazarene campuses. Those selected will be formed into small teams of 3-5 students and sent to more than two dozen locations around the world.

Over the past few years SNU has been the school with the largest number of Youth in Mission participants. Last summer there were about 35 SNUers in Youth in Mission teams in locations all over the globe. Youth in Mission director Joel Tooley has indicated a willingness to select 50 or more SNU students if enough qualified people apply.

This fall, every issue of The ECHO, SNU's student newspaper, has carried a story written by a Youth in Mission participant.

Funding for participating in Youth in Mission is almost always provided by friends, family and home church supporters rather than coming from the pocket of the participant.

There's additional information on Youth in Mission service on two websites: