Academic Research

Academic Research

Research in Learning

Students at Southern Nazarene University have many opportunities to be actively involved in research opportunities as a part of an enriched academic experience and pursuit of knowledge in the chosen fields of study. Our faculty often work together with students in a mentoring relationship to explore together what they may discover through research. Although primarily a teaching university, SNU is committed to including research as a part of the experiential learning involved in excellent academic pursuit.

Research Safety and Compliance

Federal compliance requires that any research conducted using human subjects must be approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) to ensure safety and ethical practice of the research. The SNU IRB is made up of SNU faculty and community represenatatives who are very qualified to determine the appropriateness of research conducted through SNU on human subjects.

Research for Grants

Research for grants are also a part of SNU research endeavors. Several of our university programs are funded by private and government grants which require a presentation of sound, statistical data obtained through extensive research.