Academy of Senior Professionals at Southern Nazarene University Celebrate Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

The Academy of Senior Professionals (ASP) at Southern Nazarene University (SNU) recently celebrated its twenty-fifth (25th) anniversary. The celebration took place on the campus of SNU in the Sawyer Center. Speaker for the ceremony was long-time ASP president, Jack David Armold, Ph.D.  Armold served as ASP's president and served the extended community for twelve (12) years: 1998-2010.

The master of ceremonies was ASP’s current president, Leonard Skodak, B.A., and the event's technical assistant was ASP's past president, Emmalyn German, M.A.

Ms. Kathleen Sodowsky, ASP’s longest-living member, was present at the celebration as guest speaker sharing how she was one of the original members who was asked to be a part of ASP by founder Elbert David Overholt, Ed.D.

The mission of the Academy of Senior Professionals is to create a setting in which its members may have their lifelong learning, cultural, and social needs met. The ASP is an organized community of mature adults from various vocations and professions who meet monthly during the fall, winter, and spring months on the SNU campus.

The group’s goal is to provide an environment in which our ASP members and their guests may enjoy ongoing intellectual and social stimulation in an attitude of acceptance and cordiality. They do this through regular meetings, workshops, seminars, conferences, luncheons, radio, television, and websites. The ASP Motto: “Let us not go over the old ground, let us prepare for what is to come, and what is past is prologue.”

The Founder and Director of ASP was Elbert David Overholt, Ed.D. “The issue of housing for seniors was a catalyst for the development of the ASP,” wrote Overholt in The Academy Perspective, March 1993. The twofold purpose of the ASP is as follows: To create an environment of exploration, sharing, and learning, and to promote an atmosphere of intellectual stimulation.