Accommodation Request

How to Request an Accommodation

1. Meet with the Director of Disability Services in the Academic Center for Excellence
(Third Floor of the Library) to identify your disability and to request accommodations.

  • You will need to provide appropriate documentation of your disability at that time. Make certain that it is a recent or adult evaluation, which includes information related to the current functional impact of the disability. This is especially necessary for disabilities that are not clearly visible or that can change over time.
  • You will request accommodations that you feel are appropriate (e.g. physical adjustments, books on tape, notetakers, extended time on exams, etc.).

2. Meet with an academic adviser to decide what classes you need to take.

  • Register as early as possible. This is especially true if you need books on tape or a schedule with special time requirements due to physical needs.
  • When planning your schedule make certain you will be able to get to class on time in the mornings if you have much physical preparation.
  • Provide yourself with enough time to get from class to class throughout the day.
  • Look at other scheduling issues:class sizes (large or small), length of class time, days of the week, times of day, total number of credit hours (full-time or part-time) and the amount of reading involved.

3. Find your classrooms and confirm that they are accessible to you.

  • Go inside each classroom. Check to see if it has the things you will need (special chairs, wheelchair access, etc.).
  • If there is a problem with any classroom, go to the Academic Center for Excellence, Disability Services area (LRC 309) and report the problem.

4. Obtain accessible texts and materials for class.

  • If you know you are going to need your books on tape, request this as early as possible with the Disability Services Office (LRC, 309). These need to be ordered, so early notification will help ensure that you will have your books by the time you need them.

5. Self identify.

  • During the first week of classes you will need to identify yourself to your instructor as a person with a disability and give them your access plan form. This can be done privately during the faculty‚Äôs office hours or before or after class.

6. If problems arise...

  • If you have problems with a course, instructor, or accommodations, you should go to Director of Disability Services in the Academic Center for Excellence (LRC, 309) to request assistance in getting the problem resolved. Also, learning about all the services on campus that might be available to provide you with assistance (e.g. writing lab, computer lab, tutoring available for your class, counseling center, Student Support Services, etc.) may help minimize problems.

Reasonable accommodations are offered to eligible students and are individualized to accommodate specific functional limitations resulting from a disability.

For more information or comments:
CSS Disability Services
(405) 717-6272

(405) 717-6286 Fax