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The Power of the Ziglar Legacy

Where have all the leaders gone? Men and women of conviction, principle and purpose. Who has taken their place? People who have traded high standards for a higher position and personal gain. The roll call of leaders gone by has been replaced by a group of unprincipled imposters-opinion polls have replaced integrity, self-serving greed has replaced serving the greater good, avoiding conviction has replaced having convictions. From the nation’s capitol to the company board room, from city hall to the kitchen table, we are witnessing an abdication of the absolutes that have been the foundation of who we are and what we do. We suffer from the effects of counterfeit leadership.

We need to recapture the values upon which our society’s foundation was built. The relativism of situational ethics must be replaced by leaders of high moral fiber willing to do what is right over and above what is convenient. We need to fill our seats of government, our corporate offices, our schools and our homes with leaders who know where and how to lead-people of strong character who draw upon eternal absolutes and apply them to their own lives, thereby inspiring those whom they lead.

Such change will not occur overnight. To train a new generation of leaders takes time, conviction, nurture and practice. Such change will not occur by accident. In short, it takes commitment. Who has shown a greater commitment to raising up ethical, dynamic leaders than Zig Ziglar? Zig Ziglar has poured his life into challenging people to apply the ethics of leadership to their lives. Zig knows that though we often look only at the highest reaches of government and industry to see leadership in action, in reality leadership is learned and lived out in the small decisions of everyday life. Ethical leaders are not born – they are trained.

Mr. Ziglar has seen the leadership vacuum in our nation and wants to address the problem as only he can- proactively, positively, with a message of hope, truth and victory. There is power in Zig’s principled message. Zig has had a tremendous impact across the years in motivating and training people to live life to the fullest. He has equipped and challenged leaders to focus first on their own lives, establish a value-based way of life and then apply those principles in all aspects of who they are and what they do-personal, professional, social.

Our Nazarene Heritage
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