Admission Requirements

1. Have previously earned a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. The degree does not have to be in Religion, although an undergraduate major or minor in Religion is the most beneficial as a basis for graduate work in Religion.

2. Have completed a minimum of six semester hours in Systematic Theology, Students deficient in this area may still be admitted, but must take the course Theological Method (THEO 5303) as part of the M.A. CORE.

3. Have undergraduate preparation in a foreign language of a least nine semester hours. Students deficient in this area have two further options: a) take three hours of Biblical Hebrew as an elective or cognate course, or b) take an additional Bible course as an elective.

4. Have completed at least fifteen hours of religion at the undergraduate level, including three hours in Old Testament and three hours in New Testament. Students deficient in this area will take the course Biblical Interpretation (B LT 5203) as a part of the M.A. CORE.

5. The Miller Analogies Test is required of students whose undergraduate GPA is under 3.00 (test date may not be more than five (5) years prior to application date). It may be taken at any university testing center. The SNU Testing Center administers the test by appointment only.

6. Applicants who may be deficient in one or more admission requirements may be admitted to CONDITIONAL STANDING.

7. CANDIDACY: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in at least twelve hours of CORE courses.

8. See the Introduction section of this catalog for other admission requirements.

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