Get to Know Us

SNU Admission Staff - March 2016

Our staff is ready and willing to help you navigate the collegiate admissions process.  We're committed to making it as easy as possible for you to join us at SNU!  

To learn more about us, read through the bios below.

Meet the Team

  Dr Linda Cantwell VP Enrollment Management     Kyle Boen - Director of Recruiting   
  Lisa Jones Director of First Impressions     
  Learn more about Chris Rangel - Admissions Counselor, Recruiting Area: Kansas & Transfer Students,    Phone:  405.491.6637, E-mail:     Susan Anderson - Admissions Communications     Daniel Hilliam - Admissions Counselor      Clay Baker - Admissions Counselor       Kellie Johnson Campus Visit Coordinator
  Tyler Copeland - Admissions Counselor     Cindy Wise - SNU Admissions Application Coordinator     Lee Copeland - SNU Admissions ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF MARKETING FOR UNDERGRADUATE RECRUITMENT      Jake O'Bannon - Admissions Rep
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Admissions Map from Southern Nazarene University