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Alternative Certification Information

The SNU School of Education Alternative Certification Plan leading to Standard Certification applies to individuals who are seeking alternative certification, as well as for those who are currently certified alternatively and working to complete the requirements for standard certification as defined by the Oklahoma State Department of Education.

Individuals desiring to pursue standard teacher certification through the Oklahoma State Department Alternative Placement Program should first contact the Oklahoma State Department of Education at (405) 521-3337 to begin the process. Once an application has been submitted to the OSDE, the OSDE will then notify individuals regarding acceptance and any additional requirements. Information is also available on the Oklahoma State Department of Education website at: Alternative Certification Program - Oklahoma State Dept. of Education

Individuals are afforded the opportunity to complete coursework required in either the traditional coursework for Educator Preparation (undergraduate), or by taking accelerated graduate level courses offered by the School of Education. To find out more about accelerated Alternative Certification coursework offered at SNU, see SNU alternative certification coursework for Fall 2018-Spring 2019.  To enroll in courses, please fill out the Alternative Certification Checklist and send it to the Alternative Certification Advisor, Samantha Hardy at

A graduate of SNU's Ed program teaches in front of a classroom. Individuals who possess a bachelor’s degree from Southern Nazarene University in a subject area NOT identified as a teacher certification area by the the Oklahoma State Department of Education should first contact the OSDE (see contact information above) to begin the process.  Any individual requiring a letter of verification based on transcript review should contact the SNU Director of Educator Preparation at (405) 717-6267. The Director of Educator Preparation will review official transcripts/degree statements provided by the individual and after transcript assessment, will issue a letter of verification to the OSDE. Letters of transcript review/verification will be placed on file with the Alt Cert Plan Advisor. The Director of Educator Preparation will also provide these individuals with advisement regarding any specific coursework requirements stipulated by the OSDE.  

All individuals who are identified as participating in the Alternative Certification Plan at SNU will be tracked by the SNU School of Education Alt Cert Plan Advisor. The Alt Cert Plan Advisor records and monitors each individual’s progress, coursework completion, and advises as to when they are ready to apply for Standard Teacher Certification through the Oklahoma State Department of Education. 

For more information, please contact the SNU School of Education Alternative Certification Advisor at (405) 491-6346.

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