AmeriVista Grant Opens Doors For Spiritual Development

     BETHANY, OK --- This year, Southern Nazarene University’s Office of Spiritual Development was a sub-recipient of an AmeriVista (a program of AmeriCorps) grant written and obtained by Nazarene Compassionate Ministries International Inc. (NCMI) in Kansas City. 

This grant covered the cost of hiring Southern Nazarene University (SNU) Director of Student Ministries, Andrea Green, to coordinate all SNU student volunteer efforts in the larger Oklahoma City community for this year.  


    Pictured above is Andrea Green.   Photo by Kelly Hall, Media Strategies Intern

“Andrea is trying to create a program that will be self-sufficient for those to follow in her position,” Brad Strawn, Dean of the Chapel and Vice President for Spiritual Development, said.   

Green is currently helping launch the Student Service program, which allows students to obtain Spiritual Development credits by serving two hours a week in community settings that combat poverty.   

Through this program, Strawn and Green hope that SNU students will develop a working understanding of non-profit organizations, learn resources for eliminating poverty, and be able to articulate a theology of service.   

Many student volunteers will provide aid to the Nazarene Compassionate Ministry Centers in Oklahoma City.  In addition, student participants will be able to obtain a co-curricular transcript listing their service hours upon graduation.  Green also oversees six SNU student led ministry teams called Ethos groups.   

“We want the Ethos leaders to have experience with leadership in a ministry setting,” Green, Student Ministries Coordinator, said.  “Ethos groups are a place for students to plug in and do ministry with friends and hopefully develop a passion through that.” 

Green hopes that the new Student Service Program, in correlation the Ethos groups, will provide students with new ministry and service opportunities. 

For more information on AmeriVista contact The Office of Spiritual Development at Southern Nazarene University at 405.717.6216.