School of Business Angel Tree Service Project

Students in the School of Business have a long history of involvement in the lives of the needy and disadvantaged, being "difference makers" in their worlds. One area is Angel Tree/Angel Care involvement.

Angel Tree is a Prison Fellowship Ministry whereby children with incarcerated parents recieve gifts at Christmas in the name of this incarcerated mother or father. Angel Care is the year round ministry of hope and love to these same kids. The Care includes special outings, mentoring, providing summer camp opportunity, birthday blessings, education completion, employment support, transportation assistance, and numerous other life building activities.

 Angel Tree/Angel Care provides a non-threatening way for one to be involved in the lives of Angel kids and their caregivers. For when one demonstrates little acts of kindness, respect, and sincerely letting them see that they have worth in our sight, with the powerful love of Jesus Christ, something good always happens. Indeed, little becomes much when God is in it! Jeremiah 22:15-16 (LB) says, "King Josiah was just and fair in all his dealings. That is why God blessed him. He saw to it that justice and help were given to the poor and needy and all went well for him. This is how a man lives close to God."

For more info on how you can be involved in Angel Tree programs in your area, visit the Angel Tree website.