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Technical Standards for Admission and Progression

Athletic training involves providing direct care to athletes which requires the application of knowledge in the performance of specific tasks. Technical standards represent the abilities needed to succeed in satisfying the objectives and competencies required performing these tasks. Those abilities include:

1. Sufficient visual acuity and reading ability, such as are needed for medical care for the physically active, equipment monitoring and manipulation, modality application, and the accurate ability to follow a treatment protocol.

2. Sufficient auditory perception, such as needed to receive communications from physicians, other allied health personnel and athletes in routine and emergency situations, and to assess the health status of athletes through monitoring and measuring devices such as stethoscopes, and to respond to modalities such as electric stimulation, ultrasound and timers.

3. Sufficient tactile ability for physical assessment, palpation, functions of physical examination and skills related to therapeutic intervention.

4. Sufficient verbal and non-verbal communication skills such as are needed to interact with the physically active, as well as other medical professionals to provide prompt and effective care.

5. Sufficient strength and motor coordination, such as are needed to position, transport, evaluate and assist with moving the physically active. This physical requirement must safely be carried out in emergency and non-emergency situations.

6. Sufficiently demonstrate those professional behaviors, such as are needed to clearly think in a logical manner, to assess, plan and implement care for the physically active in routine and emergency situations and to make medically sound value judgments and perform professionally and appropriately in stressful situations.

When faculty or clinical instructors consider it necessary, these abilities will be assessed by an appropriate health care professional. Students may request accommodation to one or more standards based upon disability. Such accommodation will be provided in accordance with University rules, state and federal statutes. (Appendix VII ; Technical Standards Evaluation Form)

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