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Attend an Adult Program Information Meeting at SNU

Could a simple meeting change your academic future?

Between work, raising a family, and other personal commitments, you may think it’s impossible to return to school and earn your degree. However, with the right program, the possibilities are endless. Working adults need a university that understands their unique academic needs. At Southern Nazarene University, students thrive in their pursuit of education because courses and programs are designed with working adults in mind.

Sound too good to be true? You can meet with the SNU admissions team face-to-face at an adult program information meeting at the Bethany, OK or Tulsa, OK campus. This is your opportunity to learn why SNU’s programs could be a perfect option for earning your degree.

What is an Adult Program Information Meeting?

Information meetings provide prospective students with both relevant information and an opportunity to discuss options necessary to make an informed decision about enrolling in an SNU program. Meetings are led by members of SNU’s admissions team.

Though meetings are structured, the atmosphere is casual and non-pressured. Attendees are encouraged to ask any questions and address concerns they have about the programs. They’re also given information packets that contain what they need to begin the application process.

If a question can’t be answered during the meeting, the session leader will make sure the right person is contacted to answer the attendee’s question.

What is Discussed During an Information Meeting?

In the one-hour-long meetings, attendees are given information about the various SNU bachelor’s degree completion programs.

“We provide an overview of everything,” SNU Enrollment Specialist Deborah Ballantine says.

Transfer information, bridge courses, costs, financial aid, class attendance policies, diploma requirements, and a brief synopsis of each adult program are discussed during meetings.

If you’re interested in an online-only program, the information meeting is extremely helpful as well.

“Meetings are very beneficial for prospective, online adult program students because there are people there to answer their questions immediately,” Enrollment Specialist Bridget Boulware says. “The online information can be very detailed and a lot to read at once.”

When are Meetings Held?

Meetings are typically held two nights a month and are usually scheduled on a weeknight from 6-7 p.m. The meetings are intended to give potential students a sense of what attending an adult program class would be like.

Once enrolled in a program, classes meet only one night a week for about four hours. Homework can be completed anywhere and submitted around busy family and work schedules. The course format of SNU’s on-campus adult programs makes it possible for students to earn their degree in as little as 14 months.

“By coming to the meeting, prospective students are getting a sense of what it’s like to take one night out of their week to come to campus–this is an important aspect for students considering enrolling in an on-campus program,” Ballantine says.

Information meetings are held frequently because SNU’s adult programs begin throughout the year. This means you don’t have to wait half a year if you miss an enrollment date.

What if I Can’t Make it to a Meeting?

While it’s highly encouraged that prospective students attend an information session, the enrollment team will work with you to answer questions before your desired enrollment date.

“If a prospective student can’t come to a meeting, he or she can be set up with a recruiter who has the same information that we do,” Boulware says.

Once you contact SNU’s Professional and Graduate Studies Office, you’ll be connected with a recruitment officer. If you need specific information about our programs, financial aid, or enrollment, the right person will be ready to help.

Why is SNU is a Great Option for Working Adults?

Southern Nazarene University understands the obstacles and life commitments that make earning your degree seem impossible. That’s why the programs are designed to accommodate the needs of busy working adults. If you’re ready to learn more about SNU’s programs, reserve a spot at an upcoming meeting today or request more information.

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