Brian Hill, The Cedar Gate Retreat Center

Mon, May 8, 201711:00 AM

Brian HillAcademy of Senior Professionals Luncheon -- Monday, May May 8, 2017. 

Brian Hill, owner of The Cedar Gate Retreat Center.
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Brian Hill is co-founder of Works24, an Oklahoma City based digital marketing company he started in 1996 with his wife, Marla.  That company now has more than $9 million in annual revenues.

Works24 is committed to enhancing the lifetime value of its 5,000 clients nationwide through leading edge technology and proactive communication services that connect and inspire customers.  

Hill was raised on a farm in Kingfisher, OK. He credits much of his success to the values and work ethic learned from his parents. At the age of 12 he became a follower of Jesus Christ and recalls sharing with his mother that one day he would own the neighbor’s land they were farming.

In 2004, Hill’s vision of owning the farm became a reality and he transformed the property into a world-class lodge and leadership center named "The Cedar Gate." The Cedar Gate exists to be used to enrich relationships that will bring about family and community transformation.  

Hill says he stands on the shoulders and values instilled in him by parents and grandparents. It was from them that he learned that the world must better because you were here. He is quick to point out that any success he has had has been gained not through brilliance but sheer desperation. His path to significance has been filled with many twists and turns that have taught him how to embrace humility and unconditional love.

After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Agricultural Economics with an emphasis on Business Marketing, Brian pursued a career in commercial real estate. Success did not come fast or easy. Indeed, sales were so poor that his meager income had to be supplemented by mowing lawns in order to pay rent. Even in those struggle, he remained insistent that wealth not come at the expense of character and integrity. 

Hill firmly believes God called him to be a business leader. Through this platform, God has enabled him to “funnel funds” to the work of God’s kingdom on earth. He actively seeks to use his influence to encourage other leaders to use their businesses as well to further the work of the Lord.

In addition to their work together and their marriage of more than 22 years, Brian and Marla take great joy in their five children, Holden, Heston, Brianna,Brayden and Sienna.