Business Administration - Courses and Sequence


The Bachelor of Science Business Administration (BSBA) degree program has prerequisite requirements for admission into the program along with additional graduation requirements.

Prerequisite Coursework must be fulfilled prior to entry into BSBA program (transfer work or CLEP):

  • Principles of Accounting I
  • Principles of Accounting II (Basic college level accounting skills are necessary to be successful in this program. Other college course titles and descriptions may be considered to fulfill this requirement.)
  • Introduction to Computers/Applications  (Some experience/training may be considered to fulfill this requirement)

6 additional hours of business related coursework must be completed prior to graduation. Some examples would include: Introduction to Business, Business Communication, Principles of Management, Small Business Management, Human Resource Management, etc. These requirements can be fulfilled by transfer work, prior learning experience, or CLEP.

Courses and Sequence

BADM 3143
Technical Communication
This course is designed to provide students with experience involving major forms of technical communication used in professional fields. This course will introduce students to the rhetorical principles as well as documentation practices necessary for writing and producing effective and professional communications, such as letters, reports, instructions, proposals and websites.

PSY 3413
Personal & Professional Development
This course examines adult learning theory and various learning styles. The course provides a model that is used to analyze life experience.

ECO 3113
Economics for Managers
This course is a study of the economic choices people make daily with a managerial focus. Topics include examination of economics systems, supply and demand, costs, production and productivity, roles of government, the banking system and international commerce.

MGT 3413
Organizational Behavior I; Diagnosis & Planned Change
This course analyzes the formal and informal functions and problems of organizations. The course also examines the strategies to plan, implement, and manage change in an organization.

ACC 3163
Managerial Accounting
This course provides for the study and application of principles, methods and techniques required to conduct applied research. The course also emphasizes the skills needed to report the research in both written and oral presentation.

REL 3413
Biblical Perspectives in Western Culture
This course provides study of the Bible as a foundation to an understanding of Western culture and history. The course also explores the relevance of the Bible to modern day life

STAT 3423
Data Analysis Methods
This course provides a survey and application of the basic data analysis methods used in the process of evaluation, including a study of both descriptive and inferential statistical methods.

MKT 3173
Marketing for Managers
The focus of this course is to understand the elements that comprise an effective marketing campaign. From the Four P’s to International Marketing issues, this course will assist the student in understanding the role of marketing in the overall success of an organization.

FIN 3103
Business Finance
This is an introductory course in financial management which studies short-term and long-term corporate financing, the time value of money, the cost of capital, capital budgeting, and capital markets.

BADM 3113
Business Law
This course provides a study of the law of business and its administration. It will explore the interaction of government, business and society, contracts, personal property, bailments, and sales. The emphasis in the course is upon contracts and the influence of the UCC.

BADM 3153
Issues in International Business
This course explores the cultural, political and economic aspects of conducting business in a global marketplace. This course builds upon the theoretical basis of other business courses.

BADM 3163
Senior Capstone: Ethics and Applications
In this course learners will utilize all previous business coursework to compete in a business simulation and analyze results. Ethics from a Christian perspective will also be incorporated into analysis of cases and the simulation.