Catherine Zoller, Rhyme & Reason Bible story book series

Mon, November 14, 2016

Academy of Senior Professionals Luncheon -- Monday, November 14, 2016.
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Catherine Zoller - Rhyme & ReasonCatherine Zoller, author of the Rhyme & Reason Bible story book series, grew up in Oklahoma City. Zoller's love for the Bible developed out of her troubled early teen years, when she skipped school, drank, took drugs and stole cars.

Unable to control her wild behavior, her parents reluctantly severed their parental ties to her just after her 15th birthday. She became a ward of the state and a resident of a home for juvenile delinquents

She ran away and began hitch-hiking across the South.  A preacher in Louisiana gave her a ride, bought her a hamburger at a Dairy Queen and told her about a God who loved her.

The preacher took her back to the highway and dropped her off so she could continue her hitchhiking journey.  As Catherine stood there sticking out her thumb, she breathed a prayer, “God, if you’re like that man says you are, I hope I get caught tonight.”

That prayer was answered and, during the next week, locked up in the Monroe juvenile detention center, Catherine gave her life to the Lord.

She completed high school in Delaware while living with an aunt and uncle and then spent several years in ministry with Youth With a Mission. She returned to Oklahoma to attend Oklahoma State University, where she met her husband to whom she has been married for almost thirty years. They later moved to Tulsa.

Of her Rhyme & Reason Series, Zoller says, "It's Dr. Seuss meets the Bible."  Zoller says the books are written for children, but are enjoyable for people of all ages. They don't tell every detail of the biblical narrative, but she calls them a kind of Cliffs Notes of the Bible.

She began writing the series a little over 15 years ago when she was awakened in the night with a couplet in her mind from the first chapter of Genesis:"This is the true story of how it all began,God was talking to himself and devised a plan."

She scrambled out of bed and wrote it down. Another couplet followed. By the time the night was over, she had written 80% of the first book. Subsequent books have taken more labor, she says.