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Certification Testing Information

All certification areas offered by Southern Nazarene University require successful completion of the State Teacher Certification Test(s) before licensure. This testing requirement applies to all students completing certificate requirements. Current teachers seeking certification in another field must also take the appropriate test(s). Students are eligible to take the test(s) after completing ninety (90)semester hours. For specific area tests, the student must have completed specific courses. There is no restriction on the number of times a test may be taken. SNU recommends serious preparation before taking the test(s) and remediation if a test is to be retaken. For information contact the Office of Teacher Education (405) 717-6267.

THE COMPETENCY-BASED ASSESSMENT is a multifaceted system basedupon what the teacher candidate should know and be able to do. The assessmentsystem consists of four components: (1) the Oklahoma General Education Test(OGET); (2) the Oklahoma Subject Area Tests (OSAT); (3) the OklahomaProfessional Teaching Examination (OPTE); and (4) the institutional portfolioassessment process.

The OGET is based upon the general educationcompetencies found in the Handbook. These competencies originated from StateStatute and the OCTP Report: A Report on Educator Preparation and ProfessionalDevelopment. The Buros Institute and NES are working collaboratively to validatethis assessment instrument for both teacher certification and for admissions toteacher preparation. It should be noted that SNU requires the OGET to be takenand passed before a person can be admitted to SNU’s teacher education program.

NOTE: A full-length Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET) PRACTICE test is now available from CEOE (Certification Examination for Oklahoma Educators) as PDF document that can be downloaded AT NO CHARGE. This practice test includes 100 OGET selected-response questions and one constructed-response writing assignment with sample responses at each writing score point. the test also includes an answer key and a score results worksheet that can be used to suggest areas of strength and areas in need of improvement.

Select OGET Practice Test (www.ceoe.nesinc.com/ce_practicetest.asp) on CEOE website at www.ceoe.nesinc.com to download the practice test.

The OSAT is based upon the SDE Full, Subject Area Competencies and theNCATE Curriculum Folio Guidelines. SDE rules state “the teacher candidate forlicensure and certification shall demonstrate in-depth knowledge of subjectmatter as reflected in the standards of the learned societies recognized by theNational Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). In programsareas in which NCATE has not recognized a learned society, the standards of alearned society appropriate to the subject area shall be used.”

The OPTEis based upon the SDE General Competencies for Licensure and Certification. Thisexamination is developed for four levels: (1) Early Childhood - PK-3; (2)Elementary/Middle Level - Grades 1-9; (3) Middle Level/Secondary - Grades 5-12;and (4) All Levels - PK-12. The all levels test is for certification areas suchas Physical Education, Music, Art, Foreign Language, and Special Education.

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Additional information may be found by contacting the Oklahoma Office of Educational Quality and Accountability CLICK HERE.

General Education

The General Education requirement is essentially the same in all Teacher Education programs. In some certificate programs, a limited number of hours credit in General Education may be counted in the area of specialization when approved by the Teacher Education Committee. Detailed outlines of the General Education requirements for all degrees are given in the section of the catalog devoted to degree requirements. NOTE TO ELEMENTARY EDUCATION AND EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION MAJORS: General Education coursework may also be used to satisfy the Oklahoma state "4x12" Requirement; 12 hours of coursework in each of four areas - Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts.