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Southern Nazarene University seeks to create and nurture a distinctive community based on Christian ideals. As the only activity for which the total University community meets together regularly, Chapel contributes significantly to this end. Due to this, Chapel is viewed as an integral part of the SNU experience. The University’s purpose is to aid in the development of every aspect of Christian personhood, spirit, mind, and body. In accordance with this understanding of the significance of Chapel, all students carrying (11) eleven hours or more of University credit are automatically enrolled in Chapel. In order to fulfill chapel requirements, students must obtain twenty-five (25) attendance credits per semester.

Chapel Services and Attendance

Services are planned and directed by the University Pastors and the Office of Spiritual Life. These services are held on Tuesday and Thursday of each week during the first and second semesters of the academic year. In addition to these Chapel services, there will be approximately 15 additional pre-approved worship opportunities which may be used as Christian formation credits. In total, there will be a minimum of 50 opportunities each semester through which students may acquire their 25 required credits. By meeting this attendance expectation, the students pass chapel for that semester. Credit for spiritual life attendance is obtained by scanning students’ ID cards at the conclusion of the spiritual life services.

Chapel Exemptions

All traditional undergraduate students are required to attend chapel; however, in rare cases, a semester exemption may be requested. Students who carry “non-typical” enrollment patterns (part-time students with less than 11 hours), students who have successfully completed eight (8) semesters of Chapel (by attending at least 27 chapels each semester), and student teachers are exempt from required Chapel attendance. All requests for any type of exemptions must be approved by the Office of Spiritual Life. It is the responsibility of the student seeking exemption to submit in person an exemption request by the 10th day of classes each semester.

The granting of an exemption is finalized when a student receives written confirmation from the Office of Spiritual Life. An exemption for one (1) semester is not automatically granted for each succeeding semester. You must apply each subsequent semester. Records of the number of Chapels that a student has attended at a given point may be determined by consulting their student portal. Go to WebAdvisor for Students, Academic Profile, Chapel Requirements. Students are responsible for monitoring their chapel attendance record.

Chapel Behavior

Promoting an environment that is conducive to worship, listening, and community celebration is vital. In general, students should avoid behaviors which distract others or disrupt worship. Certain activities, while appropriate in another setting, are considered inappropriate for Chapel. Examples of such activities include:

  • talking
  • eating and/or drinking
  • wearing headphones
  • use of laptop computers
  • use of cell phones (including text-messaging)
  • use of gaming devices
  • any activities which may be distracting or disruptive

Students engaging in such activity will be subject to loss of credit for their attendance that day. Students who continue to behave in ways disruptive to the goals of Chapel will be subject to disciplinary action. Any student attempting to gain credit for chapel when they have not attended the chapel service or attempting to gain credit for someone else who did not attend the chapel service will not receive credit and will be subject to disciplinary action.

Chapel Deficiency

Students who do not meet the required 25 credits for the semester will be fined $25 for the first 4 missed credits, $20 each for the remaining missed credits they are deficient, with a maximum fine of $220. Any student who attends fewer than 15 chapel opportunities will be fined $220 and will be on probation. You will be required to meet with the Spiritual Life office prior to enrollment. Students failing chapel two semesters will not be allowed to return to SNU the next semester. These students may apply to return to the University after their one semester of suspension. To request permission to re-enroll, a student must submit a written appeal, which will then be considered by Spiritual Life administration.

If students fail to fulfill Chapel requirements, they will be notified of their fine or semester suspension. However, it is the student’s responsibility to track their chapel credits. Students who are short of the meeting the 25 required chapels may have their grades and/or transcript withheld until the Chapel deficiency is fulfilled. Students with a Chapel deficiency in the semester of graduation will be permitted to receive their diploma only after the deficiency is corrected.

Disability Statement

If you need assistance with a learning, physical, or psychological disability that may affect your participation in chapel, please contact the Center for Student Success, Disability Services at 405-717-6272. All students are encouraged to seek assistance from the Center for Student Success.

In addition, specialized services are available for first-generation (neither parent earned a bachelor’s degree), low-income, disability and international students.

Contact Office of Campus Pastors:


Office of Campus Pastors
Commons Building
(Behind the Bookstore)

Office: 405.789.6400 x6216

Dr. Blair Spindle x6608

Banning Dawson x6445

Deanna Thomason x6216

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