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Blending Faith and Science into a Heart of Service

Chase YagerIn today’s world science and faith are constantly at odds. While society says the two cannot coexist, junior pre-med biology student Chase Yager said his time at Southern Nazarene University has taught him how to bridge the two together.

Yager, who is from Piedmont, Oklahoma, said he has maintained a fascination with science since a young age. Not only did he enjoy science in school, but Yager explained that he constantly spent time exploring the outdoors in an attempt to satisfy his desire to understand how and why things work in the world around him.
“As I got older, nature and creation seemed to help me keep my faith through some really tough times,” said Yager. “I feel like the gifts and the passions God has given me for the sciences, and more specifically medicine, help me see my calling.”

Outside of his scientific classes, Yager said he has enjoyed his religion courses the most as they have helped him look at the world, people and other religions in a completely new way. Furthermore, he admitted that prior to attending SNU his view of the world was close minded without realizing it, but now strives to keep an open mind in all situations.

This past spring Yager had the opportunity to study in Costa Rica at the Quetzal Education Research Center. While taking this semester to focus on biology courses and research, Yager said the most life changing experiences of his time in Costa Rica was being immersed in its culture and living with families in rural Nicaragua.

“I realized how blessed I am and how selfish I have been in the past when it comes to worldly possessions,” he added. “My time in Costa Rica and Nicaragua taught me a lot and changed my life.”

Yager is making his faith his own for the first time in his life while at SNU. His growing faith in Christ is one of the catalysts that enabled him to land on a career path where he can blend his faith and love of sciences into a career that will help others not just in America, but all over the world.

“After I graduate, my goal is to go to med school where I will work towards being a family practitioner doctor,” said Yager. “After med school I plan to do medical missions in some capacity whether it is full time working in a free clinic or part time volunteer or mission trips.”

In pursuit of his career, this past summer Yager participated in an internship through the Butterfield Foundation where he interned two weeks at a time at three different clinics. Each day Yager worked with patients that could not afford healthcare, which further fueled his growing heart for service.

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