The College of Teaching and Learning supports SNU’s mission to provide a transformative learning experience in Christ-centered community through its various functions. 

  • Through SNU’s General Education program, all SNU students learn to communicate effectively, understand and appreciate beauty and human creativity, practice thinking critically from both global and scientific perspectives, and solve problems that support their development as healthy, active and informed citizens.

  • High achieving students have the opportunity to take advanced coursework in the Honors Program.

  • The SNU Library provides students access to 100,000 print books, over 100,000 e-books and millions of articles available through our online databases.

  • The Center for Student Success provides writing and subject area tutoring, academic success mentoring, and services for students with Disabilities.

  • Qualified students can be a part of the L.I.F.E Student Support program and the McNair Scholars program.

  • Programming offered through the college also supports University faculty in improving their ability to facilitate student learning both in the face to face classroom and in online learning environments.